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[vidéo] Welcome to Franch Guiana : Travel into the unknown

Publié le 10 Novembre 2015 par GdX in Autres

Nestled on the Northern side of South America's Eastern edge, the forgotten French Guiana stands the testament of time reminding us of the long forgotten French colonization of the 19th century. An infusion of French culture and history intermingle with South America's ancient indigenous populations. Flying high above the rich ecosystems of the Amazon rainforest, a symphony of sounds radiate vertically above the clouded canopy. Navigating through the dusty streets of the capital city of Cayenne, it's a city society with flavours and experiences unrivaled in its diversity. Their flag and tongue may be both French in form, but their people, are far from Parisian. French Roots in the heart of the Amazon jungle. This is French Guiana. To learn more about French Guiana and our experience, visit pixelmotionfilms.com/frenchguiana


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